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It is the 26th of April and I'm posting my last blog on this site. Our Vocabulary course is coming to an end. So that, I'm willing to share my experience and let you in on how to make a breakthrough in English.

Well, what do I make of the course "Vocabulary of Modern English"? I have to admit that I’ve taken to it since our first class. First of all, our teacher, Tetiana Olexandrivna, came across as an outgoing personality with a sense of fairness. Namely she has made a crowning contribution to increasing our general level of English. Needless to say, she deserves the highest accolade and glowing tributes. What is more, I was drawn to all those groundbreaking pedagogical methods including creative tasks during classes and state-of-the-art assignments for blogs. Finally, I'm grateful to my subgroupmates as owing to them relaxed and optimistic atmosphere in classes dominated throughout the whole course.

If to talk about tips on how to make good progress in enriching your vocabulary, I strongly advise you not to put off learning new words. So that, you don't have to burn the midnight oil or cram before a module but brush up on learned material and, as a result, bear in mind for a long time. I honestly think it is one of the key to completing the course with considerable success.

What is more, I've grasp the importance of posting blogs on time. Although it is always difficult to make the first draft, then everything goes with the swing. You know, meeting deadlines will also give you a chance of keeping up with your groupmates and catching up with each lesson. Furthermore, it is extremely essential to meet the requirements for each task, such as a number of words to incorporate and using them in the right way.

Last but not least, you have to keep your vocabulary notebook recording new collocations. It is a foregone conclusion that taking down words is an effective way of remembering.

I hope that my pieces of advice will come in useful to you and help to succeed in this course. Anyway, set high standards for yourself and do your best to achieve your goals. Good luck! 

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